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Google Scavenger

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January 17th    Current Events

Click here for your January 17th Current Event

Tuneful Tuesday: "Candle in the wind"

Tuneful Tuesday: Guns and Ships

Click here for your Tuneful Tuesday's, "Guns and Ships" assignment

The Young Republic and the Founding Fathers

For all Econ/Gov Classes - Click: The Young Republic and the Founding Fathers Research Powerpoint Project


This is due by end of day, Friday, September 17th


1st Period       Portfolio Checklist

Learn how to type

Car Buying Assignment

Click here for your Econ Car Buying Assignment

25 Black Athletes Who Changed The World

Click here for your "25 Black Athletes Who Changed The World" assignment 

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10 points Extra Credit if you follow: @prospecths18

Government: How a Bill Becomes a Law

Click here for your government, "How a Bill Becomes a Law" assignment. 


You will need headphones for this assignment.