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Principal's Welcome

To Students and Families:

We look forward to working with all students and families interested in Prospect High. Our school is known as a program of choice. This means students choose to apply and attend and we are very grateful for the opportunity to work with our students. Our programs are designed and built to meet student’s needs. 

Here are a few highlights of what we offer students:

  • Daily instruction with a menu of options to develop academic and professional skills 
  • Several programs that allow students to earn credits online, and through outside employment, and
  • Opportunities to recover credits faster with experiences we offer outside the classroom, such as field trips and special projects

In return, there are a few expectations of students, such as:

  • Students will track their own progress and set deadlines to achieve academic goals
  • Some students may choose to remain with our program all year, while others may choose to earn credits to meet requirements for graduating with their home comprehensive high school
  • Some students may choose to earn credits faster in order to graduate early based on careful planning and completion of graduation requirements

Students need to understand how they must perform when they enroll in a credit recovery program.

  • Daily attendance is key to earning credits faster
  • Students need to commit to setting realistic goals and achieving them through daily practice

This commitment will improve both the student's academic skills and the ability to effectively transition to a professional setting after leaving school.

Our school consists of teachers, resource specialists, counselors, and staff dedicated to the principles and ideals of alternative education. Through mutual support and regular communication with each other, we strive to put into practice what we collectively believe will lead to favorable outcomes: 

  • The value of helping students earn a diploma and be ready for college and career upon graduation
  • The value of developing partnerships with our students to help them achieve realistic goals 
  • The value of collaborating with and offering support to the families of our students
  • The value of communicating with families regularly about student progress so that families can participate and play an integral role

Thank you for considering our program. We appreciate the opportunity to work with our students and their families and believe it is a privilege of our school to be a part of their academic journey.


Heather Morelli, Principal