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Prospect Staff Directory

Prospect High School educational team consists of one administrator, credentialed teacher advisors, and staff serving our families. This team of instructional leaders has special interest and expertise in working with alternative education students.


Phone (925) 682-8000 Ext. 3999 Main Office



Melissa Brennan - Principal -

Carlene Hunt - Office Manager -

Carolyn Goetz - Community Service Assistant -

Rebecca Woo - Counselor -


Teachers and Counselors

Lynn Bergen - Teacher -

Reginald Bolden - Teacher -

Steve Clemmons - Teacher -

Cristina Espinosa Wray - Teacher -

Elizabeth McDonagh - Teacher -


Examples of who to contact if Students need Technical Support while at Home


Contact your teacher about:

  • Class assignments, expectations, due dates
  • Test preparation, classes to take, extra credit, etc.
  • Scheduling an appointment with teacher during teacher office hours

Contact office staff about:

  • School registration, dual enrollments, and school transfers
  • Attendance and report cards
  • Student/parent contact information changes (phone, email, address, etc.)