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Students, please login and check Google Classroom also for any additional school assignments (see Teacher's Page for codes). If there are any questions, please contact your teacher. Thanks.

Shelter-In-Place School Assignments

Students, please check here daily for school work assigned by school teachers, counselors, and staff. Thank you.


Mrs. Zakaria


Students, please work on the following:

  1. Earth Science
    1. Twig Secondary
      1. Home Study Assignment (The Moon, Sun, Solar System)
  2. Environmental Science
    1. Twig Secondary
      1. Home Study Assignment (Ecosystem)

Please follow the instructions posted on the note.

For those who are not able to login to your account, you may do the research assignment on Coronavirus.  

Please email me if there are any questions at Thanks.

Ms. Hendrick


Distance Learning TUPE Activity

  1. Students should watch The Rise of Vaping (20 minutes) video and then complete the individual interactive refusal skills activity (10 minutes) at
  2. Students can screenshot the completion verification when they finish the activity.
  3. There is also an accompanying resource handout, including tips for healthy stress management
  4. For students interested in signing up for the California Decoy Program, they can do that online at As soon as decoy operations resume, they will be on the list to participate.
  5. Article – How smoking, vaping and drug use might increase risks from Covid-19

Students, please keep copy (or screenshot) of completion verification to show to Ms. Hendrick when asked.

Mrs. Zakaria


Environmental Science and Earth Science students

  1. Please catch up on previous Twig assignments for this Friday, 3/20/20. I will check the results for this term's report card.
  2. There is a new assignment on the Twig account under Home School. Instructions are included in the note, a total of 20 units, so please do them in order. I suggest 1 or 2 video assignments a day; this will be due on April 14th.

Geometry and Algebra 2 students

  1. If students have questions, please email me at